Tuesday, October 5, 2010

End of the Road.

I just can't do Blogspot anymore. My ADHD can't handle all of this social media. Emma's farewell letter to blogspot.com inspired me...I already have a tumblr and she's right. It IS like cheating. I have to commit. I have to make a choice.

Blogspot always made me feel guilty. I wasn't giving enough. My pictures weren't edited or uploaded in time. Tumblr is easier, cleaner. This just come naturally. I can still rant & rave but Tumblr helps me check myself better. It can stay simple & sweet. I need this. We need this.

The best part is, I can take you all with me. It's not like horrific break-ups where you ultimately break up with some friends, too. Bloglovin' makes it all easy...we can all meet there. Kind of like the ecumenical, religious smorgasbord church in the Lost finale. Nobody's feelings have to get hurt here, nobody has to choose sides! Emma...YOU'RE A GENIUS!

Many thanks for Mr. Sean Manson who first told me about Tumblr many months ago...so much easier.


The initial easy layout stems from my love of Composition Notebooks. This will change...but for now it's just so clean and simple. And these days all I crave are clean and simple (don't let my hubs convince you otherwise).

See you on the flip side, Blogspot. Peace.

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